Matt and Sara's paros wedding mandala

Congratulations Sara and Matt

The Greek Island of Paros

September 6th 2022

We created this 90 piece Mandala display  made from individual circular pieces hand painted by Matt and Sara's wonderful wedding guests at the Amphitheatre in Aliki, Paros. Throughout a performance evening, friends of the couple were encouraged to express themselves by painting and naming an individual piece, each contributing a "splat" to the centre piece. To reveal the name of each participant and the title of their painting please click on the interactive mandala display below. This warm vibrant space was an ideal location for the creation of a Guestbook Mandala!
Below you can see the completed 90 piece Mandala. Click for names of artists and the titles of their paintings.
Below you can see the completed 60 piece Mandala. Below that there is a key to the names of the artists involved and the titles of their paintings. Zoom in and tap for names of artists.