Brick Project now run affordable workshops alongside our public painting sessions. All profits from the workshops help fund the larger projects meaning that we can deliver these colourful, inclusive monuments without being wholly reliant on grants and council budgets. It also means that we can use our expertise to get people who might find it difficult to visit a busy Brick Project site involved in creating a piece of work they can be proud of.
We are interested in producing work with oraganisations in the local community. We can offer workshops on a variety of scales, from indoor or outdoor Brick Projects onsite, to smaller more portable Domino Projects. Our workshops can be worked around a theme, for instance we delivered a Domino Project in 2019 for children around the theme of Hate Crime Awareness Week. We start by presenting the idea in a wide and creative sense using slideshows before approaching how to use the available tools to decorate the brick or domino. Each person’s design becomes a singular element contributing to a collective whole, just like each person is a unique part of a community. This means that the result of the finished project is a permanent piece of art that reflects the moods, feelings and interests of the community as a whole.

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If you are interested in working with Brick Project on something or wish to talk with us for any other reason please download our information pack opposite or go to CONTACT US to send us a message.