Brick Project CIC

Brick Project is a community interest company who allow people to take collective ownership of an area by collaboratively creating a permanent public art piece.

Evolving from a project starting in 2010, we became a CIC in 2019. We facilitate the creation of thousands of mini-artworks created by local people, which in turn become a physical and digital archive of the project itself and the community who took part.

Working at unloved or neglected bricked or tiled public areas, the project performs two objectives; improving the environment people are living in and facilitating a collaborative activity where people of different backgrounds can work cooperatively on a permanent public art piece.

In March 2020 we successfully completed our Crowdfunder for Plymouth Brick Project. Our May 2020 launch date for that event has been postponed until after the Covid-19 lockdown. During this time we are developing a number of voluntary projects to support our local community and need money to stay afloat. If you want to help please subscribe to our Patreon or if you would like to send us a one off donation please go to Be safe and watch this space!

If you want to find out about the people behind Brick Project please click here.