PRSC Domino Project

PRSC Domino Project


2020 - 2021

Following our successful project in Newport, ready sanded and colourfully primed dominoes are being used as individual canvases for participants at The People's Art Fair that regularly happens at PRSC. Using tiny brushes, participants decorate a pre-sanded and primed miniature wooden canvas, either donating their completed domino to create a public art piece or taking it away (with the option to make it into a fridge magnet). Our recent socially distanced sessions have allowed this long term project to become a documentation of the Covid-19 lockdown. For a video about this project please scroll to the bottom of this page. We exhibited a preliminary piece in November 2020 and will present the final piece to Bristol when we have 1000 dominoes in December 2021.
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Saturday 15th February 2020

"Mouse Tache Poles" Nathaniel
"Leopard" Emia Rudgley
"Light of Reality" Janice
"Get Curious" Charlie Farlie
"Candy Glove"
"Domino The Bounty Hunter" Dewi
"Thankyou For Creating Calm" Leona Suft
"Corporate Rock" Bon Jovi
"Play" Object
"Hog Of War" Anon
"Maccie Culture" Shannen G
"Grump" Phoebe Price
"How Deep Are Your Gloves?" Clark Gable
"Statistically Speaking" Lafayette
"Peeble Thrice" Rose
"Medical Advice" Scruff
"Landscape" Pablo Theresa
"Oridge Squidge" Self Titled
"Dancing Bear" Dunny
"Untitled"- Anon
"20"- Object
"Free Ursa" Izzy Dunn
"Untitled" Xim Ma Ba
"Spring Rabbit" Papazian
"Blu For You" Rick Parfitt
"Comraunity" Solvery
"City Sky" Patrick
"Small World" Izzy NOT Belinda
"Corona Fun" Tha Bruist
"T2DM" Charlie Farlie
"Normal Is A Lie" Object
"Croiss-ant-Crossing" Ed
"Flower Power" Fraisia
"I'm On An Island" D Davies
"Leaves" Dacu
"Home" Henar

Sunday 16th February 2020

"Untitled" Anon
"Untitled" Ismael
"Spiral Tongue" Zebber
"Broken Glass" Lennox
"Whoopsy Daisy" Daisy
"Dance Lying Down" Anon
"Cherry Tree" Lisa
"Let Me Fly" Sweetee
"Burger Lines" Anon
"Clown Pie" Anon
"Cactus And Them" Anon
"Don't Keep Love For Yourself" Anon
"Play Doctor" Tony Speakman
"Yes, Because Of Capital!" Anon
"The Sky Is Everywhere" Sweetee
"Untitled" Anon
"Only A Paper Moon" Anon
"Squat The Lot" Zlyzab
"Untitled" Anon
"Spurt" Burt
"Untitled" Anon
"Untitled" Anon
"Object" World Peace
"Untitled" Anon
"It Must Be Love" FWA
"Untitled" Anon
"Anmerseed" Annie Rose
"Octopus Odyssey" Fireworks
"Untitled" Anon
"Can't Think Of A Name" Zlyzab
"Trying To Be Calm" Fina
"Domino Tom" Tom
"Untitled" Anon
"Don't Be A Dick" Dick
"Sunny Jim" Jim
"You Are Gold" Fina
"Untitled" Anon
"Untitled" Anon
"Untitled" Anon
"Untitled" Anon
"Untitled" Anon
"Love Cats" Oshii

Saturday 12th September 2020

"Golf Course" Dafydd
"Coco" Sophie Scott
"Art" Artist
"Untitled" Unknown
"Flag, Blah!" Clive
"Boo Boo" Jin
"Dino" Josef
"Chairs and Table" Marcus
"Drilla" Sophie Scott
"Princess" Annais
"Sweeney Todd" Elizabeta
"Shit Lines" Delph
"Growth" Rosa
"Purple Rain" Delph
"Little Sea" Guy R
"Bulu Mata" Tiger Paws
"Cross Bones" Domyell
"Duvet" Kevin
"Sexy Legs" Davo Du Bari Bari
"Table and Chairs" Gould
"Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man" Xavier
"Monster" Plant Lady
"Resolution" BP Circa 2019
"Fern" Fern
"Wilson Commotion Ocean" Coco
"Spudcaster" Andy Bowel
"Sipioupiait" Daphne

Sunday 13th September 2020

"Fart" Johnny Pants
"Maybe I Should Do Something" Kat Holmes
"BS13" Alan
"What Is It?" Kat Holmes
"Not So Stoatish" Object
"Broke In Britain" Kat Holmes
"Whatever" Kat
"BHAM" Bristol Housing Action Movement
"Look To Next Year" Alan
"Life" Emma
"Festive Fun" Raymond Briggs
"Southmead" Ross
"The Hand" Tree Cat
"Chameleon" Cam E. Leon
"BS10" Ross
"9" Kat Holmes
"3 Bar" Sandra Reeves
"The Cow" Kat Holmes
"Pissing On Izzy's Pallets" Kat Holmes
"Landscape 2020" Mark Skelton
"Bloom" Chelsea Alventosa
"Untitled" Jacob
"Twomby" Kat Holmes
"Be Truthful To Yourself" Alan
"Bridge To Sunshine" Hannah
"The Girl In The Mask" Kat Holmes
"Dino Catch" Phil From Eastenders
"Love" Kat Holmes
"Sunset" Ross
"Quo" Spud
"11:11" Kat Holmes
"Tortoise" Alan

Tuesday 15th September 2020

"Be" Anna
"Burning Bright" ZamZam
"Pret a Manger" Dan
"*uck Buttons" Billy
"No, It's Not" Charlie Farlie
"The Fall" St Catherine
"99 Happy Loons" Fenton
"Galapagos" Kirsty Gutt
"Fleu" Alexxx
"William Morris" Charlie Farlie
"No Smog" Smoggie
"Splendid Isolation" Tic Tac Moe
"Owl La La!" Fraisia Dunn
"Stupid Brain" Scruff
"Effervescent" Pete The Painter
"Love Love" By Lily Lily
"Slow-Rider" Staycation Simon

Saturday 19th September 2020

"Green Pastor" Simon W.
"Porc-U-Mine?" Lily Spike
"Ant" Fred
"Squid" Sim
"Run Naked In A Field" Charlie Farlie
"Flower" Barney
"Stupid Sun" Scruff
"Improvised Thumb Print" Charlie Farlie
"Poo" Colin Moody
"Lies 247" Colin Moody
"Signature" J.G.
"Mush" Mikhail
"Tasmine" Emmy
"Rors" Vik
"Untitled" Anon
"Chack" Tor
"Hestor"  Hestor
"Jazz Hands" F.D.
"Cat Pinder" Peter Christianson
"My Cat And Dog" Mr Universe
"Oneism" VIktor
"Night View"- Hazel Crichton
"Bigger Than Love" Jonathan Hughes
"Hi" Colin Moody
"Smile" Anon
"Terminal Velocity" Mikhail
"Sorry" Charlie Farlie
"Sort Of Starry Night" Viktor
"The Power Of Love" Colin Moody
"Dino" Cyrille
"Mush" Mikhail
"USA Wonky" Colin Moody
"I See U" Mikhail
"Untitled" Sarah Janat Jones
"Down The Rabbit Hole" Jonathan Hughes
"Bean" Natali
"Bean There Done That" Anna Lisa Gohtou
"#Adfreecities" Charlie Farlie
"Love" Natalie
"1/2 Loved" Natali
"Space" Friz
"Post 2020" Sophie and Chris
"Oh No" Lizzie Wharton
"Glory" Simon W
"A Dud" Mikhail
"Help" Colin Moody
"Feelings" Natali
"Dino" Lucie
"Untitled" Jordan Lilford Waldorf
"Croc" Lucie
"Untitled" Natali and Simon
"Labyrinthine" Scruff
"EVL" Jasmine
"The Sunset" Ya Ya
"Captivity Cat" Lizzie Wharton
"Domino's" Dan
"Landscape" Hazel Crichton
"Prick" Viktor
"Untitled" Sarah Janat Jones

Sunday 20th September 2020

"Shifting Sands" Amber Roguski
"Covid Mourning" Tina Turner
"Waxing Gibbons" Wayne
"Remember" A. T.
"Foxy" Jack Fox
"Kif Inti?" Neil Schembri
"Jumper" Geoffrey
"Eye" Jess Stecklen
"Inside" Quigley
"Septopus" Harry Westbrook
"Mr Appleseed" Johnny
"Haze" Anon
"Love Breathe" Dragon
"Why Pry" Mary
"Boris" Stawek
"Running Man" Will
"ECFC" Tom Robertson
"Rise Up!" Staweck
"Sun Ra!" Foozil
"Mask" Just Luke
"Anno Dominyes" Fraisia
"Grab Every Moment" Tony Fortune
"The Golden Scream" Anita
"Sun Knee and Share" Fraggle Rock
"Slow Flow" Flo