Gloucester Cathedral Summer of Mindfulness Mandala

Gloucester Cathedral

Cloister Gallery

July - September 2024

Whether in the form of windows in a church or as a rosary, mandalas are used to take the time to contemplate the self and the divine. This mandala was made at Gloucester Cathedral's Breakfast Club, a support event that has been running for 17 years. The final Mandala display piece made from individual circular pieces hand painted by people attending the Breakfast Club sessions throughout May 2024. It will be displayed in the Cloister Gallery as part of Gloucester Cathedral’s Summer of Mindfulness. Please scroll down to see the interactive Mandala, demonstrating how art is accessible to everyone.
Below you can see the completed 126 piece Mandala. Click for names of the artists involved and the titles of their paintings.
Below you can see the completed 90 piece Mandala. Tap for names of artists.