Hamilton House

Hamilton house brick project


2011 - 2013

The first Brick Project started as an experimental creative venture to decorate Hamilton House, the home of Coexist artist studios, developing a direct, non exploitative organisational system along the way. Since becoming a well loved landmark in Bristol's renown graffiti district, Stokes Croft; this social experiment has evolved and expanded to locations all over the world.
Penny- The Freezer
Cronos- NWOBHM
Danowar- Hell No
Gould- I'm Not An Egyptologist
Chocky - Failing to be Manly
Kibble- Dotty
Mandy- A Dangerous Game
Wayne & Co- Whaleing
Robot- Cute
Frank Boxer- What at this Moment is Working?
Mystery Queen- What Would She Do?
Keith- WuTang Spanner
Spirit Wing- The Ether
Tatty Gems- Polka!
Dylan- Can't Bear No More
Jacob- Blow Dat Horn
Anon- Garden Guardian
Rebel Wilson- Not Applicable
Baron Greenback- Texture
Anon- Tribute to Shorty
Michelle- Magic
Gregna- Mystical Beast
Angry Face- Zog
Anon- Block of Silver
Zam- Spirit Swan
SP- The Wound
Suraya Raya- Purple Cat
Alice- The Eye
Tom Ward- Key
Patricia- CND
Ben D- Bendy Abstraction
Farm Child- Dark Sunrise
Imogen Petit- Velobici
Anon- Glorious Sunrise Surprise
Claire- Stokes Croft
Prince- Party Like It's
Maisey- Daisy
Ribbon Wizard- The Tower
Ae- Black Flag
Sarah- Sweetheart
William Blake- The Ribbon Tower
Robert Patinson- Island
Anon Adam- Stab Me Vitals!
His Posse- Spooner
Houseowner- Singing Robot
Karen- Natural Explosion
Godflesh- Don't Crush My Soul
Jaelith- A Diverse Lineup
Lucy Gardener- Plants
Roy Paco- Roy Paco
Anon- Animal Liberation
Ray Perhaps- Singing Faces
Cromagnion Man- Buffalo
Andre- A Sign
Womble- Spiral Architect
Rowan- Robin's Dawn
Starsurfer- Light Fantastic
Ellie- Robot
Hang Man- Resilience
Andrew Gillan- Experiment
Coexist Vacuum- Bane-row
Edward- Holst
Andrew Gillan- Colour Play
Francis- Blessed
John Aspey- Hazey Sunday Afternoon
Anon- Aligators
Bessie- Nellie
Harry Westbrook- A Machine
Pierre- Bell Book and Candle
Cedric- Peace
Anon- Flag
Felixia- Fors't
Om Shanti- Meditation
Angelina- Ad Astra
Tut- Golden Pyramid
Otter- Pretty Swish
Jacinta- Orchid
Bungle- Rainbow Wizard
Michael Powell- Open Your Ever
Judith- One Life
Anon- Anon-cho
Rich Williams- June 2013
Tula- Ghosty
Anon- You Look Nice Today
Keenan- Temple
Kit- Plant Life
Sam Smith- Character
Sean- Nope
Billy Backwards- Iron!
Kate Giggley- Unicorn
Bastion- Nice and Rough